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Tourist ships visit Christmas Island on a regular basis and are entertained upon their arrival by cultural groups from each island of Kiribati who take it in turn to provide visitors with a chance to experience the unique and different cultures of the islands of Kiribati. The group featured above left are from Nikunau in the southern Gilberts (Kiribati). These cultural presentations take place on the main wharf at London, capital of Christmas Island.


Copra processing, Christmas Island, 2000.

Copra weighing, Christmas Island, 2000.

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Aerial view of Christmas Island - 2000.

One of the first sights to greet visitors is Cook Islet which is a world renowned bird sanctuary and is recognised as being one of the best snorkelling locations in the world. The land mass behind Cook Islet is Christmas Island separated by the entrance to London Harbour.

Cassidy International Airport, Christmas Island, 2000.

Market Day at London, Christmas Island, 2000.

Residential Scene, Christmas Island.

Christmas Island Scenery.

Local singers at Captain Cook Hotel, Christmas Is.

The local fisherman with his catch!

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Location of the British Nuclear Tests
on Christmas Island, 1957-1958.

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Local beauty!

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Maneaba (Public meeting place), Christmas Island, 2000.

Traditional Kiribati mwaie (dance), Christmas Island - 2000.

Housing on Christmas Island is straight forward, pragmatic and unpretentious. A feature of the housing is the rainwater tank which collects roof water as an insurance against periods of little or no rain.


For further information, including travel and accommodation on
Christmas (Kiritimati) Island, please contact:
Eni Tekanene
Development Officer
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch
Kiritimati (Christmas) Island
Republic of Kiribati
Telephone: 0011-686-81198
Facsimile": 0011-686-81316


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