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This Express Home Page exists to provide visitors with a rapid access to the pages visited within the collection of my Web sites.


In particular, visitors can have ready access to the Message Board, Jane's Chat Room, Jane's Personal Page and most importantly, to those Web sites concerned with the various islands of Oceania.

Soak in the enchanting sounds of the sun-drenched Oceania/Pacific Islands coming to you in 64kbps FM Stereo!

In the main, these comprise the islands of Tuvalu (Polynesia), Kiribati (Micronesia), the Solomon Islands (Melanesia), Islands of Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia.

I have also included a Link to my Aspects of Oceania site which discusses what it is like to be an Islander in addition to further information on the three countries (Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Solomon Islands) of Oceania mentioned above.

Also, there is a Link to Alfred Restieaux - one of the pre-colonial traders in Tuvalu along with a Link to Sister Mary Helena Egan's verbatim recollections of War In the Pacific (Kiribati).

In general the Links from this Web site will lead the visitor to a range of Web sites relating to the chosen topic. For example, the Link to the Tuvalu Home Page will lead the visitor to a range of sites concerning Tuvalu. These include: Tuvalu-Islands of  Myths and Legends; About Us; Tuvalu-Origins and Culture; Tuvalu Postcards and Picture Galleries; Tuvalu Islands and how to get there; Tuvalu and the Blackbirders; Tuvalu-The Paradise Islands of Polynesia; Tuvaluan Genealogy; Tuvalu and the Hurricanes; Kiribati and Tuvalu Association Newsletters (UK); Early Tuvaluan Religion; Tuvaluan Poems, Picture Gallery; the capital of Tuvalu, Funafuti; Tuvalu 2000: Contemporary Images of Tuvalu (including a link to Tuvalu 2002 of Funafuti images); Accommodation and Travel Guide and Tuvalu Fatele (Dancing), Tuvalu Puzzle, Tuvalu Coins, and so on.

I have also included a very useful Search facility above which can be used to locate particular search key words relevant to a visitor's area of interest. You can also click on "Site Map" and then "Table" to obtain an alphabetical listing. Thank you for visiting - Happy searching!

Jane Resture

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My Wish
by Jane Resture
The frigate bird
The flying fish
It is time for us
To make a wish
And I wish for the sunrise
To be beautiful each time
With days that are perfect
And nights so sublime
And I wish for the sunset
To be like a long red sail
Each and every day
And you and I will always stay
Whatever we wish
Will surely come true
And I wish for happiness
For me and you
And I wish for the world
To live in peace
To live and love as one
To a simple beat
And I wish for us all
To have our lives full of love
Full of joy and happiness
And eternal love
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