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Click Here Australia - Aboriginal Anthropology 1 Click Here Australia - Aboriginal Mythology
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Click Here Australia - Aboriginal Dreamtime Click Here Oceania - The Marine Environment
Click Here Oceania - Polynesians Click Here Oceania-Magic And Taboo (and Mana)
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Click Here Cook Islands - Personality and Culture Click Here Cook Islands - Personality and Culture
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Click Here Cook Islands Music (See Rarotonga) Click Here Kiribati Cultural Traditions 
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Click Here Polynesia Chiefs-Rulers and Ruled Click Here Rarotonga-Cook Islands-History
Click Here Tahiti Visit- In The Strange South Seas Click Here Ra'ivavae, Tahiti - A Short History
Click Here Samoa Visit- In The Strange South Seas Click Here Tonga Visit - In The Strange South Seas
Click Here About Bully Hayes-The Final Years Click Here Polynesia - Planters and Products
Click Here Christmas Island Bomb Tests Click Here Christmas Is. Nuclear Tests- Extract from Book
Click Here Oceania Origins Click Here Melanesia Origins 1 (See Melanesia Origins below)
Click Here Kiribati - Aspects of Banaba History Click Here Tahiti History
Click Here Kiribati - Bully Hayes, Line Islands Click Here Kiribati - Banaba Phosphate Picture Gallery
Click Here Micronesia - Mariana Islands Click Here Hawaii - Aspects of History
Click Here Nauru - Phosphate Picture Gallery Click Here Oceania Photographs-World War II
Click Here Our Samoan Adventure-RLS and wife Fanny Click Here Solomon Islands. - The Malaita Massacre
Click Here Oceania Mythology - Australia Click Here Melanesia Postcards
Click Here Aspects of Micronesia Click Here Aspects of Easter Island
Click Here Kiribati - Living at Canton Island Click Here Canton Island: Aerial Crossroads of the Sth. Pacific
Click Here Indonesia - History and Early Culture Click Here Papua New Guinea-Rabaul Volc. Eruption 1937
Click Here Kiribati - Bue The Ancestor Click Here Kiribati-Origin & Culture, Language, etc.
Click Here Kiribati-Recollections of Fr Sabatier (Book Extract) Click Here The Battle of Midway
Click Here Oceania Genealogy Click Here Kiribati Canoe
Click Here Oceania Travel Click Here Oceania Travel - Australia
Click Here Suvarov - Extract from An Island To Oneself Click Here Extract from Bill Corley's South Sea Book
Click Here Tuvalu - World War 2 Images of Nanumea Click Here Tuvalu: World War II Images of Nanumea
Click Here Captain Bligh The Artist Click Here Galapagos - Iguanas
Click Here The Polynesian Triangle Click Here Oceania - The Northwest & The Eastern Atoll
Click Here Tuvalu - Memories of Funafuti Click Here Kiribati - Trials of the Banabans
Click Here Fiji Bure Click Here Cooks Islands - Economics of Culture
Click Here Oceania and Global Warming (Causes & Effects) Click Here Tahiti Postcards
Click Here Kiribati - Guardians of the Gilberts Click Here Tuvalu Visit
Click Here Captain William Bligh The Artist Click Here Polynesian Girls Gallery
Click Here Oceania - Painting the Islands Vermilion Click Here Canton Island, Phoenix Group, Kiribati  
Click Here Tuvalu Islands Online  Click Here Christmas (Kiritimati) Island Visit Pictures  
Click Here Papua New Guinea -Trobriand Is. - Adolescence  Click Here Trobriand Islands Online   
Click Here PNG-Trobriand Is. -Sex in Folklore-Myths and Legends  Click Here Solomon Islands - Red Beach, Guadalcanal
Click Here Tuvalu: Paradise Islands of Polynesia Click Here Tuvalu Is. Myths & Legends
Click Here Jane Resture's Oceania Page    Click Here Jane's Oceania Travel Page    
Click Here Oceania and Global Warming Click Here Guam Postcards and Picture Galleries
Click Here Samoa - Origin, People, Navigators, Language... Click Here New Zealand - Some Maori Legends
Click Here Samoa - Games and Sports Click Here Samoa - Fine Mats
Click Here Marshall Is. - Rongelap Revisited (Operation Bravo) Click Here Cook Islands and the Blackbirders
Click here Papua New Guinea - The Gimi People Click here Samoa Marriages
Click Here Cook Islands Legends Click Here Samoa - Some Legends of Samoa
Click Here Samoa - Religion Click Here World War II Memoirs of George A. DeLong
Click Here Samoa - A Short Chronological History Click Here Polynesian Triangle
Click Here Marshall Islands Postcards and Picture Galleries Click Here Focus on Nauru
Click Here PNG - Trobriand Is. - Psychology of Love Click here Fiji - A Fiji Visit
Click Here Oceania - Timor Early Ethnology and Mythology Click here Tonga - The Lost City of Mu'a
Click Here Melanesia Origins Click Here Oceania - David Lewis, Navigator
Click Here Oceania - Prehistoric Architecture Click Here Tonga - A Doctor In Paradise
Click here Kiribati Schools Click Here Hawaii - Kaua'i Mythical Menehune
Click Here Hawaii - The Recollections of John Nicol Click Here Guam Historical Postcards 3
Click Here Kiribati - A Doctor's Recollections Click Here Tuvalu - Early Impressions of Funafuti
Click Here Kiribati - Historical Tarawa  Click Here Solomon Islands - A Doctor In Paradise 
Click Here The Battle of the Coral Sea Click Here Hawaii - Recollections, 1851
Click Here Samoa - Traditional Village  Click Here Hawaii - Hawaiian Hula   
Click here Irian Jaya-Asmat Tribal Art Click Here Papua New Guinea-Sepik Tribal Art
Click Here Oceania-The Final Voyages of Robert Louis Stevenson Click here Oceania Portraits-The Robert L. Stevenson Collection
Click Here Kiribati - A Nuclear Test Veteran Remembers Click Here Oceania - Nuclear Testing
Click Here Oceania - The WW2 Memoirs of John Vollinger Click Here Kiribati - WW2 Images of Abemama People
Click Here Tahiti - The Black Pearls of Tahiti Click Here Hawaii - The Vanishing Species
Click Here Samoa - Recollections of an Early Visitor Click Here Hawaii - Recollections of an Early Visitor
Click Here Solomon Islands - About Tikopia Click Here Solomon Islands - The Miracle of Tikopia
Click Here Kiribati Canoe Click Here The Canoes of Oceania
Click Here Oceania: Captain James Cook - The First Voyage  Click Here Hawaii: The Story of Pearl Harbour 
Click Here Oceania: Captain James Cook - The Second Voyage  Click Here Papua Historical:  Early Images of Irian Jaya 
Click Here Oceania: Captain James Cook - The Last Voyage  Click Here Tuvalu:  A Visitor's Introduction to Tuvalu 
Click Here Oceania: The Navigators of Oceania Click Here Tonga:  Recollections of an Early Visitor to Tonga
Click Here Micronesian Stick Charts Click here Restieaux: Stories about Bully Hayes and Others
Click Here Norfolk Island: A Short History Click here Norfolk Island Postcards
Click Here Palau Storyboard and other Legends Click here A Short History of Fiji
Click Here Hawaii - The Story of King Kamehameha I Click here The Second Recruiting Voyage of the Carl
Click Here Cook Islands: Penrhyn Visit    Click here Tuvalu: World War II Images of Nanumea   
Click Here Irian Jaya: Tribal Art Click Here Vanuatu Postcards and Picture Galleries
Click Here Galapagos Undersea Click Here Polynesia: The Trail of Plants and Animals   
Click Here Kiribati Traditional Music Click Here Easter Island Music
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 Oceania Home Pages (on green background)
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Click Here Easter Island Home Page Click Here Norfolk Island
Click Here Tuvaluan Genealogy Click Here Wallis and Futuna Islands
Click Here Polynesian Mythology

Click Here Micronesian Mythology

Click Here Oceania Ethnology Click Here Melanesian Ethnology
Click Here Polynesian Ethnology Click Here Micronesian Ethnology
Click Here Melanesian Mythology Click Here Papua New Guinea Home Page & Short History
Click Here Line Islands: Republic of Kiribati  Click Here Phoenix Group: Republic of Kiribati
Click Here New Caledonia Postcards and Picture Galleries  Click Here Jane's Tokelau Islands Home Page
Click Here Islands of the Hawaiian Chain Click Here Oceania Mythology Home Page
Click Here Pacific Islands Radio Stations Click Here Mythology of Oceania
Click Here Jane's New Zealand Home Page Click Here Cook Islands Home Page 
Click Here Jane's Hawaii Home Page Click Here Jane's Polynesia Home Page
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Click Here Tuvalu  2000: Contemp. Images (incl. Tuvalu 2002) Click Here Jane's Melanesia Home Page
Click Here Jane's Fiji Home Page  Click Here  Pitcairn Island  
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Click Here Jane's Tahiti Home Page Click Here Guam 
Click Here New Caledonia Home Page Click Here  Republic of Palau   
Click Here Republic of the Marshall Islands Click Here Niue
Click Here The Federal States of Micronesia Click Here The Galapagos Islands
Click Here Aspects of Oceania - Jane's Oceania Page Click Here A Brief History of the Chamorro
Click Here Christmas (Kiritimati) Island Click Here Christmas Island Bomb Tests
Click Here Coastwatchers, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands  Click Here Papua New Guinea Coastwatchers    
Click Here Fiji Mythology  Click Here Oceania Languages  
Click Here Samoa Music  Click Here Papua New Guinea, Trobriand Islands Magic
Click Here Oceania Kava Ceremonies Click Here Bougainville  
Click Here Aspects of Global Warming    Click Here Niihau
Click Here Easter Island Mythology Click Here Polynesian Mythology Tahiti
Click Here Polynesian Mythology Hawaii Click Here Maori Mythology
Click Here Solomon Islands Ethnology Click Here Fiji Ethnology
Click Here Women of Oceania Click Here Central Pacific Islands
Click Here Trobriand Is. : Status of Women Click Here Tuvalu: Motufoua Memorial Service
Click Here Samoa: The Heart of Polynesia Click Here Polynesia: About the Marquesas Islands 
Click Here Fiji Images Click Here Vanuatu Ethnology
Click Here Papua New Guinea Tribal Art Click Here Vanuatu Mythology
Click Here Solomon Islands Mythology Click Here Papua New Guinea Mythology
Click Here Aspects of Easter Island Click Here Kiribati Astronomy and Navigation
Click Here Further Kiribati Traditions Click Here Kiribati: Food of the Navigator
Click Here Canoes of the Kiribati Islands Click Here Kiribati Education Policy
Click Here Kiribati: New Parliament House Click Here Kiribati President Tito's UN Speech
Click Here Tuvalu - Robert Louis Stevenson Click Here Nukufetau, Tuvalu
Click Here Christmas Island History:   Kiribati Click Here Palmyra   
Click Here The Northern Equatorial Islands    Click Here Palmyra Island Naval Air Station August, 1943
Click Here A Tuvalu Wordsearch Puzzle Click here Tahiti Picture Gallery
Click Here French Polynesia (Tahiti) Images   Click Here Necker Island
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Click Here Fakaofu Island: Tokelau Click Here Swains Island
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Click Here Howland Island Click Here Jarvis Island
Click Here Laysan Island Click Here Nassau Island
Manihiki Island Manihiki Island Click Here Wake Island
Rose Island Rose Island Pukapuka Island Pukapuka Island
Rakahanga Island Rakahanga Island Kaula Island Kaula Island
Tongareva Island Tongareva Island Kure Island Kure Island
Lisianski Island Lisianski Island Suvarov Island Suvarov Island
French Frigate Shoal French Frigate Shoal Kingman Reef Kingman Reef
Pearl & Hermes Reef Pearl & Hermes Reef Gardner Pinnacles Gardner Pinnacles
Samoa Historical Images Samoa Historical Images Nihoa Island Nihoa Island
Samoa Postcards Samoa Postcards Oceania Portraits Oceania Portraits 
Click Here Reflections on the War in the Pacific Click here Oceania Postcards 11
Click Here Tuvalu-The Rescue of Rickenbacker Postcards from Samoa Postcards from Samoa
Click Here About Tuvalu Tuvalu and the Hurricanes Tuvalu and the Hurricanes
Click Here Tuvalu And World War 2  Kiribati - Fishing Kiribati - Fishing
Click Here Tuvalu Telephone Directory About Tuvalu Histtory About Tuvalu History
The Kanakas and the Cane Fields The Kanakas and the Cane Fields  Click Here Easter Island and the Blackbirders
Easter Island Easter Island Micronesia - Nan Madol Micronesia -Nan Madol 
Click Here   Kiribati Traditions The Voyages of the Southern Cross The Voyages of the Southern Cross
Click Here Kiribati Migration Click Here Kiribati Genealogy
Click Here Kiribati History: The Davis Diaries  Tuvalu History Tuvalu History: The Davis Diaries 
Click Here Marshall Is. History: The Davis Diaries  Tuvalu and the Blackbirders Tuvalu and the Blackbirders
Click Here A Short Pictorial History of Samoa    Click Here Tokelau: Depopulating the Tokelaus
Click Here The Spirit of Melanesia  Click Here Cook Islands  Travel & Accomodation Guide
Click Here New Zealand South Island  New Zealand - North Island New Zealand North Island 
Click Here Arorae Navigation Stones  Click Here Oceania Picture Gallery
Click here Hawaii - Big Island  Click Here Oceania: Historical Images 
Hawaii Hawaii Click Here O'ahu - Hawaii Islands 
Click here Maui - Hawaii Islands  Click Here Kaua'i - Hawaii Islands 
Click here Moloka'i - Hawaii Islands  Click here Lana'i - Hawaii Islands 
Click Here O'ahu   Accom. & Travel Guide Click Here Maui -  Accom.  & Travel Guide
Click Here Lana'i -  Accom.  & Travel Guide Click here Moloka'i -  Accom.  & Travel Guide
Click Here Kaua'i Accom.  & Travel Guide Click Here Hawaii Big Is.  Acc.  & Travel Guide
Hawaii Picture Gallery Hawaii Picture Gallery  Click Here Hawaii: Kaua'i Images  
Click Here Hawaii - Niihau  Click here Trobriand Islands Mythology 
Click Here Hawaii - Historical Images  Click Here Vanuatu - Historical Images 
Click Here Polynesia Historical Images  Click here Polynesia Historical Images Part 2
Kiribati Images Kiribati Images  Click Here Immaculate Heart College: Kiribati  
Click Here Tuvalu - People on the Reef  Postcards from Micronesia Postcards from Micronesia 
Click here Marshall Is. Travel & Accommodation Guide  Torres Strait Islands Torres Strait Islands  
Click Here Palau Travel & Accommodation Guide  Click Here Guam Travel & Accom. Guide  
 Kosrae, FSM Kosrae    Click Here Chuuk 
Pohnpei, FSM Pohnpei    Yap  
Click Here Pohnpei Travel & Accomm. Guide  Click here The Mystery of Pitcairn Island   
Pohnpei History, Culture & Customs Oceania2000: Images of Oceania
Kiribati: Historical Images  Aspects of Micronesia 
Kiribati Millennium Celebrations Kiribati Mwaie (Dancing)
About Samoa Solomon Islands Picture Gallery  
Samoa: Travel & Accom. Guide Am. Samoa: Travel & Acc. Guide
Samoan Picture Gallery  Samoan Conflict 
Papua New Guinea Ethnology  A Glimpse of Samoa 
Samoa: The Myth of Creation Samoa: The Pearl of the Pacific 
Historical Images of Fiji  Solomon Is. Travel & Accom. Guide
Papua New Guinea Under Construction Papua New Guinea:  Sepik Region
Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby Papua New Guinea - Madang and Lae
Papua New Guinea - Islands Oceania: Captain James Cook
PNG - Historical Impressions Irian Jaya -  Melanesian Culture  
Postcards from Fiji   Postcards from the Solomons  
Oceania Postcards  Mangareva: Death of a People 
Oceania Postcards 2 Postcards from Tahiti
Fiji  - Coral Coast Fiji  - Nadi
Fiji  Islands Fiji  - Mamanucas & Yasawas
Fiji - Northern  Islands SUVA - Fiji  Islands
Fiji  - Castaway Island Resort   Fiji  - Treasure Island Resort  
Tuvalu Accommodation and Travel Guide Funafuti, Tuvalu
Kiribati Accommodation and Travel Guide Kabunare's Story - Banaba
Banaba, The Rock of Kiribati Banaba History
A Banaba Poem Banaba, The Republic Of Kiribati
Banaba Culture Polynesian Voyaging
A Brief History of the Chamorro  The Battle For Nauru
Kiribati Education  Nauru: A Short History
Mysterious Micronesia  Nauru Picture Gallery  
More Postcards from Micronesia  Postcards from the Trobriand Islands 
Micronesia   Evans Carlson 
Rotuma - Aspects of  History Carlson's Raiders Picture Gallery
Solomons Is.  - Grassy Knoll Battle About Evans Carlson 
The Spirit of Kiribati Kiribati Social Structure
Vanuatu - Wreck of the Coolidge Solomons Is.  - Grassy Knoll Battle
Kiribati 2000 Kiribati 2000 (Updated) click here Vanuatu - Travel & Accomm. Guide
VANAIR Kiribati: The Morning Star
Millennium Is. Celebrations - Part 2 Nonouti - Kiribati
Tarawa - Kiribati Beru - Kiribati
Kiribati: The Story of Moses Kaure Kiribati Social Structure
Tuvalu Fatele (Dancing) Kiribati Picture Gallery (Dance)
Kiribati Picture Gallery Part 2 Kiribati Picture Gallery Part 3
Abemama - Kiribati Abemama - Protect. Declaration
Maiana - Kiribati Tamana - Kiribati
Butaritari - Kiribati Banaba - World War 2
Carlson's Raiders Picture Gallery Vanuatu - Outer Islands
Marakei - Kiribati Nanumea - Tuvalu
Abaiang - Kiribati Oceania Reference Material
Tuvalu Social Structure Kuria - Kiribati
Tuvalu Cycle of Life Onotoa - Kiribati
Tuvalu Islands Makin - Kiribati
Art of the Navigators Battle for Makin
Kiribati - Creation Arorae - Kiribati
Battle of Guadalcanal - Solomon Is. Battle of Tarawa - Kiribati
Jane's Chat Room Tuvalu and the Hurricanes
Bishop Patteson of Melanesia  Missionary Vessel - Morning Star 
Tuvalu Coins Fiji Postcards 2 
Postcards from Tonga  Tahiti Postcards 2 
Click Here Tongatapu: Tonga  Click Here Vava'u: Tonga 
Tahiti (French Polynesia) Tahiti Tahiti - Outer Islands Tahiti: Outer Islands
Papeete  Papeete: Tahiti Click Here Tahiti: Accommodation and Travel
Bora Bora Bora Bora: Tahiti Moorea Moorea: Tahiti
Click Here New Caledonia  Travel & Accom. Guide Click Here Samoa: Lotus Land of the Pacific 
Loyalty Islands Samoa: The Isles of the Navigators
Isle of Pines Kiribati - Tabiteuea
Oceania Snapshots Kiribati - Aranuka
Click Here Tuvalu Picture Gallery Click Here Tuvalu Origins, History and Culture
Click Here Tuvalu Picture Gallery  Part 2  Click Here Kiribati: Phoenix Settlement
Click Here Early Tuvaluan Religion Click Here Kiribati Education System
Click Here Tahiti: The Final Years of Paul Gauguin    Click Here Kiribati - Traders
Tuvalu Land Affairs Kiribati Tradition
Kiribati - Early Gilbertese Wars Kiribati - Binoka Of Abemama
Kiribati - A Short History Kiribati - Millennium Island
American Samoa National Park  Kiribati - From Birth to Death
Click Here Sights of Solomon Islands Kiribati Origins and Culture
Jane Resture's Short Bio Jane's Web Page The Davis Diaries (Extract of Proclamation of a British Protectorate over the Gilbert Islands, now known as Kiribati)
redots.gif (1257 bytes) Solomon Islands
Manuscripts-Alfred Restieaux-Parts 1 & 2 Click Here Captain Davis Diaries Parts 1 & 2
A short history of Alfred Restieaux War In The Pacific (World War II) War In The Pacific (WW2) - Kiribati
In Memory of Alfred Restieaux In Memory of Alfred Restieaux Click Here Tuvalu: World War II Images of Nanumea - Part 2
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