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Jane Resture (abbreviated from the French - Bordeaux - surname Restieaux) was born on the island of Hull (Orona) in the Phoenix Group of the Gilbert Islands, now known as the Republic of Kiribati. (All Restieauxs /Restures outside France are related and they are all descendants of Andre Restieaux and Marguerite Magdaleine Mignot of France - and England).

Whilst Jane was still young, Jane travelled extensively through the island states of Micronesia, Polynesia and Melanesia as her father carried out his duties as a wireless operator for the then government of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony, now known as the Republic of Kiribati and Tuvalu, as well as the Solomon Islands. Perhaps it should be mentioned here that, earlier on, Jane's father, Robert Frank Resture was also a young Coastwatcher on duty throughout the Oceania region including the Phoenix Group, Fiji, Papua New Guinea (where he was born)*and Australia, alongside the Americans during World War II. Robert's youngest brother, Fred Resture, was also a very young Coastwatcher during World War II on Banaba (also known as Ocean Island, Kiribati) on behalf of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony where, sadly, he was murdered, on duty, by the Japanese along with one of his two older brothers, Flyriver (named after the Fly River, Papua New Guinea), also on Banaba.
*Restieaux to Restieux to Resture

The Alfred Restieaux  Manuscripts Parts 1 & 2



Jane is one of a large family comprising seven girls and five boys of which she is the eldest. Jane’s father is Polynesian of Tuvaluan descent, and of English and French extraction, whilst her mother is Micronesian of Kiribati (Onotoa in the southern Gilberts) and Caroline Islands descent.

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Jane has particularly fond memories of some of the countries in Oceania in which she grew up. Jane is particularly fond of the atolls/islands of Kiribati, including the charming, thriving and vital capital Tarawa, the scene of the bloody Battle of Tarawa during World War II. 

Jane also spent her young years on Christmas Island (Kiritimati) of the Line Islands, Republic of Kiribati, which she remembers as one of the most unusual places on earth. Christmas Island is the largest coral atoll in the world being sculptured like the claw of a giant crab surrounded by a sea of emerald. This irresistible island has that special magical quality that enhances its natural beauty as a haven for unique, rare and colourful bird life protected within the confines of a world class wild life sanctuary. Christmas Island is also a world class fishing ground with an abundance of fish and marine life.  The Christmas Island Hotel (Captain Cook Hotel) is utilized as a fishing lodge by game fishermen from all around the world.

The nine coral atolls/islands of Tuvalu have strong family ties for Jane. She particularly remembers the capital Funafuti which she revisited for the Independence celebrations. The birth of the new independent nation was a stirring and moving occasion that Jane will always remember with great pride.

Jane also has fond memories of the Solomon Islands, in particular the capital Honiara, on Guadalcanal, to which her father relocated as a wireless operator and where her father and mother retired and settled down.  Many of Jane's brothers and sisters and their families have made the Solomon Islands their home.

As the eldest daughter in the family, Jane was brought up in accordance to the complex customs and rituals of the island people.

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To this very day, Jane believes that the island customs, rituals and language and, indeed, the entire fabric of island heritage not only need to be preserved but can contribute so much to modern western society. Jane is particularly proud of her island heritage and believes that she is very privileged to have a background that incorporates elements of Micronesian, Polynesian and Melanesian cultures.

Jane was very fortunate to be able to enrol at the prestigious Immaculate Heart College, Taborio, Tarawa, Kiribati. Recognized at an early age as a gifted student, Jane was groomed for further study overseas and was awarded a scholarship on behalf of the government of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony (including Banaba), now the Republic of Kiribati and Tuvalu, to continue her schooling in Sydney, Australia, at St. Scholastica's College. Hence this was the first time that both Immaculate Heart College and the government of the then Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony (the Republic of Kiribati and Tuvalu) were represented at St. Scholastica's College, Glebe Point, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Immaculate Heart College students at Teaoraereke, Tarawa, Kiribati.
The students are dressed in their yellow with blue trim Sunday
uniform, with hats! Jane Resture is at the centre of the back row.

Immaculate Heart College students (the rest of the students are not
 seen in the above picture as they are to the right), Our Lady of the
Sacred Heart (OLSH) Sisters, and invited Australian Sacred Heart
priest, Father Dwyer, at the main stadium, Bairiki, Tarawa, Kiribati.
 *Jane Resture, holding the College banner, is to the right of Father Dwyer.

*The above picture of Jane Resture was very important to Jane as it was taken only a few minutes before the arrival of H.R.H. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh who represented his wife, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II who could not make it to Tarawa, Gilbert Islands (Republic of Kiribati) at that important time. Jane was also the very first person here at the main Stadium, Bairiki (capital of Tarawa), to be introduced to Prince Philip by her dear Uncle Frank Pasefika (Pacific Frank Restieaux-Resture) who accompanied and introduced the Prince to her. At that time, Prince Philip had just arrived on Bairiki, Tarawa, from his important visit to Christmas Island (Kiritimati, Line Islands) on Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia. The Prince was later introduced to Father Dwyer, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Sisters (Australians) and a Gilbertese (I-Kiribati) Sister (above picture). Jane well remembers Prince Philip's firm handshake, his short conversation with her and ready smile when she was introduced to him and how splendid and very handsome he looked in his white uniform. To this day, Jane still remembers that important and memorable early evening and how fortunate she was to be part of this wonderful and happy occasion, particularly as this was Prince Philip's very first visit to Bairiki, Tarawa, the capital of the Gilbert Islands (Republic of Kiribati). 

During her time at Immaculate Heart College, Jane was privileged to concurrently hold the positions of House Prefect (Mount Carmel - Green) and Sports Captain. Later she was Head Prefect and, in her final year, she was Dux of Immaculate Heart College. The motto of Immaculate Heart College is "SEEK TRUTH" and this has been one of the guiding principles that Jane has applied throughout her life and, to the best of her ability, to all her undertakings and endeavours.

As a Pacific Islander, Jane felt most fortunate in having attended Immaculate Heart College for some years before continuing her education in Sydney, Australia. Like many of her fellow students, Jane has many happy and most wonderful recollections of this time. It is her great pleasure to be able to share one of them with you all (in her own words as per one of her monthly Newsletters of 2005) in addition to her own current observations:

"It was such a marvellous experience that brought about my humble belief in the importance of live theatre, including singing and dancing, in the preservation of the cultural identity of people worldwide.

The experience came about when I was selected by my fellow students and staff to play the lead role (Abu Hassan) in the dramatic play: "ABU HASSAN PAYS HIS DEBTS". It was a play built very much around the central role of Abu Hassan, and one that received popular acclaim throughout the Republic of Kiribati and Tuvalu, as well as neighbouring islands and beyond. Critical reports indicated that the role of the supposedly dead Abu had been played with such dramatic effect 'that made the staff recognize the importance of drama in the teaching and improving of English. From then on the teachers always tried to have it as part of the curriculum'." 

Jane thinks that it is very important to remember that live theatre is something that should always be encouraged as a learning experience, a form of entertainment and, perhaps more importantly, as a teaching medium and the means of preserving the cultural heritage of us all.

*     *     *     *     *

September 2005 was the Golden Jubilee of Immaculate Heart College, Taborio, Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati. 'A book entitled: RECTA SAPERE - The story of Immaculate Heart College, Taborio, 1955-2005, was prepared, presented and distributed by a former non-I-Kiribati student of Immaculate Heart College, from the island of Nanumea, Tuvalu, who is now a nun or Sister of the Congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, based at Teaoraereke, Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati. The book was intended to provide a true representation of the history and achievements of Immaculate Heart College and was launched as part of the Golden Jubilee'.

The Latin RECTA SAPERE is "TO RELISH WHAT IS RIGHT" and, to be able to do this, one has "to know what is right". The school motto: RECTA SAPERE was later changed to "SEEK TRUTH" which was incorporated into the school logo.

Very sadly, the book - ...The Story of Immaculate Heart College, Taborio, 1955-2005, outlining the history and achievements of Immaculate Heart College, does not give an accurate record of many of the aspects of Immaculate Heart College during the period 1955-2005, including, among other things, Jane's part in playing the role of Abu Hassan which was deliberately given to someone else. Even her scholarship to complete her secondary education at St. Scholastica's College, Glebe Point, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, was also deliberately taken off the record altogether. Where is justice?

Indeed, at most, it is a very poor record of Immaculate Heart College and the many outstanding and gifted students who attended Immaculate Heart College during this time. It contains errors of content that are so numerous that the same document will have to be completely researched and rewritten to provide a factual representation of the history and achievements of Immaculate Heart College along with the role played by many former students and staff during this period. The extent to which these errors of content result from inaccurate and distorted information or from an attempt by the author to undermine the achievements of prominent students is now under investigation. However, this whole matter raises many questions about the honesty, credibility and integrity that are central to the preparation of this document.  

In this context, Jane's other concerns, and the concerns of many other former students, relate to several gross inaccuracies in this book. Indeed, in their Kiribati (along with other islands and countries) customs, these things reflect very badly on them all including their dear families, extended families, the government of Kiribati and Tuvalu (who were responsible for their scholarships, education and achievements during that period of time), as well as their many friends and associates all of whom know the truth. Certainly, this also raises questions about the possible existence of jealousy, revenge and vindictiveness on behalf of the author of this document. In this respect, Jane is now looking at a positive step in rectifying a very serious situation of errors which, if not corrected, in the Kiribati (and normal) way, will go on and on, and be discussed and disputed for generations to come - there will be no end to it until it is corrected.    

Many of the former students feel that they have been badly treated, robbed, denied and cheated in this document in such a manner that causes them considerable distress and will no doubt cause distress in their families for generations to come. Certainly, a considerable effort needs to be applied to correct this appalling book by Sister Alaima Talu (Sister of the Congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, based at Teaoraereke, Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati).

Jane's comments, above, are not intended to reflect, in a general sense, upon the integrity of the former and present staff (at Immaculate Heart College) who have certainly done and still continue to do so much to bring, among so many other beneficial and important things, higher education and good Christian values to their students and the wonderful people of the Republic of Kiribati (and elsewhere). Sadly and unfortunately, it only takes the actions of one or two former staff, in this case, to impact adversely upon the good names of Immaculate Heart College as well as those of the many former students and former staff who have been badly treated, denied, robbed and cheated of their good names and achievements. Let us hope that Immaculate Heart College and its present staff continue with their good work and seek truth in order to forever erase and correct these (and future) unfortunate injustices.


The Importance Of Accurate School Records In Highlighting Students'
Achievements, Cognitive Development And For Ongoing Genealogical Research

It is very pleasing to be able to report now that, on 25th May 2010, after high level representations (especially by the Australian High Commission to Kiribati, as well as a strong and very kind support from a Sister of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Kensington, Australia) on my behalf and on behalf of my fellow former students and staff of my former college, Immaculate Heart College, that several corrections to the multitude of errors in the abovementioned document, via telephone by Sister Margaret Sullivan, Sister in-charge of the Catholic Archive, Teaoraereke, Tarawa, Kiribati, have now been most reluctantly put into place. This telephone advice from the Catholic Archive at Teaoraereke, Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati, will hopefully (and I do mean very hopefully) be followed by a requested written confirmation. This is the first and most difficult step of the many steps necessary to correct the multitude of very serious errors still present in this document on behalf of the many former students and staff of Immaculate Heart College who were badly treated and cheated by the same Tuvaluan nun, Sister Alaima Talu, who was the author of "RECTA SAPERE - The story of Immaculate Heart College, Taborio, 1955-2005".

25th May 2010 - 4th October 2012 - 15th June 2014 - It is 17th March 2013 and we are still waiting to receive a requested written confirmation from Sr Margaret Sullivan who is in charge of the Catholic Archive at Teaoraereke, Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati!! with regard to her telephone advice regarding the correction of errors in Sr Alaima's (Talu) published book: RECTA SAPERE.

As a result of all of the above, I think that it is very important to remember that it is worth persevering, at all times, in the belief that when we seek truth, the truth will always ultimately prevail and we will be successful and triumphant in the end. Thanks be to God! 

---- Jane Resture

Below is an extract taken from one of the many letters included in
Jane's Oceania Home Page Newsletter: November-December 2011
Dear Dame Jane,
My name is -- and I would have to say that I am greatly
saddened but not particularly surprised to read of your
concerns about the systematic corruption of the student
records at Immaculate Heart College Taborio, Republic
of Kiribati. It is particularly sad that students and staff
who contributed so much to the college during their time
there have been completely taken out of the record and
replaced by others ...... 
........ My suggestion would be that when you have the time,
to consider compiling and publishing your factual recollections
of your time at Immaculate Heart College, Taborio, and, in
doing so, bring some measure of justice to those students
and staff who have been cheated of their achievements
and indeed their very place in the history of Immaculate
Heart College, Taborio.
Jane Resture's Genetic Journey:

Jane then successfully completed her Higher School Certificate at St. Scholastica’s College, Glebe Point, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She also enrolled in, and graduated from the June Dally-Watkins School of Modelling and Deportment in Sydney. Jane has also successfully completed courses in Cordon Bleu, Entertainment with Elegance, Interior Decorating and Fashion Designs in Canberra, Australia.

Upon her return to Tarawa, Kiribati, she hosted her popular radio program while awaiting finalization of a further scholarship to continue her higher education in Australia. Jane was then awarded another scholarship by the Solomon Islands government to continue her tertiary and higher education in Australia where she successfully completed her further studies in Accounting and  Advanced Secretarial Studies in Sydney.

Jane then returned to work in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Afterwards, she again returned to Australia and pursued her career in both government and private enterprise. After a successful career working at a senior level within government and private enterprise in mainly Sydney, Grafton, Canberra and Brisbane, Jane relocated her business to the Australian Gold Coast.

Jane would also like to take this opportunity to extend her deep gratitude to Australia, her adopted home, as well as the wonderful Australian people for their unique and warm hospitality, their valued and lasting friendships along with their kindness and trust in making available so many opportunities both in education and for a rewarding and most fulfilling career. She now devotes much of her spare time to writing, particularly with regard to documenting the life, culture, customs, mythology, ethnology, genealogy, rituals, etc. of the island people along with the indigenous people of Australia and New Zealand.

One of Jane's current projects is documenting the amazing life of her great grandfather Alfred Restieaux. He was one of the pre-colonial traders in the Pacific Islands and she regards this project to be of a higher priority due to it being an invaluable record of island life during that period, in addition to providing many island people with an insight into from whence they came.  She is also currently writing her Memories of Oceania book which records her life growing up in the islands of Oceania - Republic of Kiribati (Micronesia), Tuvalu (Polynesia) and the Solomon Islands (Melanesia). This book also details how the cognitive development of the growing young island woman is interlinked with the many facets of our wonderful and complex island culture.

In this respect, Jane felt most honoured and humbled to have received two knighthoods, and made a Dame in 2001 (DSC, GCSC, DOM); and subsequently a Grand Dame in 2002, in recognition of her contributions to mainly education and the preservation of our rich and wonderful Pacific Island cultural heritage. Jane also holds a PhD in Anthropology (and Cultural Doctorate) with a specialization in Pacific Island Studies (2001).


My Wish
Jane Resture
The frigate bird
The flying fish
It is time for us
To make a wish
And I wish for the sunrise
To be beautiful each time
With days that are perfect
And nights so sublime
And I wish for the sunset
To be like a long red sail
Each and every day
And you and I will always stay
Whatever we wish
Will surely come true
And I wish for happiness
For me and you
And I wish for the world
To live in peace
To live and love as one
To a simple beat
And I wish for us all
To have our lives full of love
Full of joy and happiness
And eternal love

Many thanks for visiting my Web Page.

I would very much appreciate sharing any comments or suggestions that you may like to offer.
In particular, I would like to share with you any thoughts you may have in relation to the documentation and preservation of Pacific Island culture, mythology, rituals, ethnology, history, customs and lifestyle, etc. Thank you.
Ti a boo moa, Tofa and Lukim iu. (Audio)
Email: jane@janeresture.com
Grand Dame Dr. Jane Resture

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Welcome Everybody to Pacific Islands Radio! Greetings, Mauri and Talofa! I'm Jane Resture, Proprietor and Broadcaster of Pacific Islands Radio. I was born in Hull Island (Orona), Phoenix Group, Republic of Kiribati. My father is Polynesian of Tuvaluan/English/French extraction and my mother is Micronesian from Onotoa, one of the atolls of the Republic of Kiribati, as well as the Caroline Islands. They have now made the Solomon Islands (Melanesia) their home. I travelled extensively throughout the islands of Oceania when I was very young and I developed a deep appreciation and love for our unique, sensitive and harmonious Pacific Island music of Micronesia, Polynesia and Melanesia. I developed and introduced Pacific Islands Radio, the very first of its kind, in May 2001, in order to facilitate the promotion of island music to a worldwide audience. This was undertaken as a consequence of a foreseen need to allow the musical component of island heritage to be made available to a wider audience. It is a feature of Pacific Islands Radio that it does allow our music to be listened to and appreciated by people worldwide in particular friends of Oceania who have a love and appreciation of our music in addition to our own Pacific Island people, wherever they may be, and who can now listen to island music from their home islands via the Internet. Music is an integral part of life on the islands of the Pacific. Indeed, the songs and dances are woven into the very fabric of everyday life. Life, love, work, play, the ocean, the gods, the earth itself; they all flow through the music of the Pacific Islands, as surely as the sand erodes into the sea. Pacific Island music is truly the music of the world and is proudly featured on our four Pacific Islands Radio stations! I do hope that you enjoy listening to our Pacific Island music. Thank you -- Jane Resture -- For further information about Pacific Islands Radio and to view some of the profiles of our artists, please visit the following Web site: www.pacificislandsradio.com --jane@pacificislandsradio.com

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Jane Resture: 'Under my favourite pandanus tree'!
Searching for Alfred Restieaux
By Jane Resture
Once in a while one wonders
What your life was all about   
From a land so far you started to roam
And never once did you ever go home. 
You were but a lad when you went to sea
To Australia, America and the Pacific Isles    
In search of excitement and adventure
Across those vast and distant miles.  
Why you started to wander we will never know
Did the lure of the Pacific Islands not let you go?
Perhaps your home was somehow amiss?
These are the things that we can only guess.
The places you saw on your worldwide jaunt   
Perhaps your memory would always haunt
So you died away on a distant shore   
Among the family that you did adore. 
The sweet memory of you will always remain   
Where the sea breezes blow with gentle refrain 
And gentle waves lap on sandy shores
You will be remembered forever more.
Yet we still wonder about your life
The things you did and what you were like
Perhaps one day our souls will meet
And all will be told at the end of the street.

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