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The Republic of Kiribati consists of thirty-three islands or atolls spread across a wide expanse of the Central Pacific Ocean and astride the equator. Each of the islands or atolls of Kiribati is in its own way fascinating and unique in terms of both its geography and its culture.

The complexity and diversity of this culture is a source of ongoing fascination to students of Oceania throughout the world.

By means of these Web pages it is my intention to provide both an insight and overview to the wonderful cultures of the islands of Kiribati.

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I hope that you will join me as we explore the Creation, Origins, Tradition, Early Contact with Traders, Whalers and other Europeans, Language, Culture, Social Structure, Communications, Fishing and the Future of this most unique country called the Republic of Kiribati.


Thank you all and please enjoy this fascinating journey!



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Aerial photograph of Kiribati Parliament House, Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati
Courtesy Tawaia Buibui of Kiribati
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