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The island of Nauru is well known for the phosphate mining that took place there. Perhaps less well known are the Nauru people who have a very distinct and beautiful history, culture, customs, rituals and lifestyle. They were at one with their island and its surrounds.

The images on this Web site are both historical and rare and show the people of Nauru as they existed before 1921. This was a time when their culture, customs and lifestyle had not been excessively disrupted by the phosphate mining and the brutal Japanese occupation during World

War 2. This Web site is an important historical and anthropological statement about the Nauruan people.   

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A traditional Nauruan village
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A road bordered with coral makes the twelve mile circuit of
the island of Nauru, following the beach for the entire distance.
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The beautiful Nauru lagoon

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A felled tree is floated to the village
and beached and shaped to form the canoe.

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A Nauruan canoe constructed in the traditional manner under the
supervision of a senior canoe builder. The pieces are tied together using coconut sennit.

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The catch of the day!

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Buada lagoon

school.jpg (44097 bytes)

Teachers and pupils of a missionary native school

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This electric tram line was used to haul phosphate to the piers
where it is placed into the surf-boats to be carried to the cargo vessels.

Cultural and historical images available upon request only

Catching rainwater from coconut trees. When a coconut tree has a good bend in it,
the natives wedge the butt end of a coconut leaf into the knee which collects
and divert rainwater into a receptacle.
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