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In 1900 a huge deposit of high grade phosphate was discovered on Nauru. A London Company began extracting this phosphate in a small way supplying it to Australia and New Zealand, countries who were badly in need of quality fertiliser. Nestled among these picturesque surroundings were the simple huts and homes of the native people who always seemed to be in harmony with their environment.

The stamps of Nauru reflect both the lifestyle and culture of the people as well as the impact of the phosphate miners.

Early stamps from Nauru.

An assortment of Nauru stamps.

Nauru, Central Pacific, 1930, cover to New Zealand.


Nauru $10 proof featuring the ship John Fearn, 1994.

First Day Cover depicting phosphate shipments.

WWF 1997 First Day Covers featuring giant fish.

Republic of Nauru - Official First Day Cover.
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