New Caledonia


Stretching 1,200 kilometres and host to an abundance of marine life and coral, New Caledonia has one of the largest coral reefs in the world. The wreck of Dieppoise, a French naval vessel, is now a haven for grouper, trevally and much more.


Discover Boulari Channel where the outer reef drops sharply into the deep blue, an area frequented by sharks and manta rays. Scheduled dive safaris also go to Dumbea Pass, Prony Bay and the famous Tenia reef, or experience scuba baptisms in the reserve at Amedee Island.

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The Isle of Pines offers a kaleidoscope of diving from numerous locations, and photographers, film and video makers will revel in the crystal water and colourful scenery. Satan's Cave for example, is a mysterious fresh water underground cave which can only be reached by a narrow underwater corridor.

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New Caledonia's average water temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. Divers, both new and experienced, will find themselves made welcome by any of the dive operations in New Caledonia such as Kunie Scuba Centre on the Isle of Pines, Pacific Diving and Noumea Diving. 

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