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Continue south-eastward down the island chain to the Austral group, we come to an abundance of examples of decorative art, but find only five surviving figures of character to tell of the sense of dynamism and sculptural volume that found expression on the island of Raivavae. The two examples of sculptural design below highlight two characteristic details that are regularly incorporated into Austral decorative patterns, namely an evenly curved low collar and two sharp-pointed breasts projecting below it.


The collar and pointed breasts are present in the heroic dimensioned stone
images that have been transported to stand in the grounds of the Papeete Museum.
 Certainly, such images must have been common in the tribal days in Raivavae.

Stone image from Raivavae near Papeete Museum, Tahiti.
Beside the image is Peter H. Buck, the then Director of Bernice P. Bishop Museum. 


Early tribal art, Marquesas Islands.

Early Marquesas Image.



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