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Early letter posted from Apia using New Zealand Stamps

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girl from Apia

Postcard featuring an attractive Samoan Lady.
Circa 1914.

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Postcard of the Roman Catholic Church Apia.
Date Unknown
Apia Church

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samoan belless.

Samoan Belles photographed by Robert Louis Stevenson
Circa 1895.

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Volcanic eruption off the Samoan Coast.
Date Unknown

lava in the sea

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Village Scene Samoa
April 1914

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Native Fales, Samoa
Circa 1885


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George Westbrook on the verandah of his house overlooking Apia Harbour

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John La Farge, Photogravures from his sketches in
"Reminisence of the South Seas."

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Postcard dated 3rd June 1919. The inscription says that
a boat race is being held in honour of the birthday of King George V.



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