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This Web site was being developed by a Tuvaluan as a compilation of an outline of the Genealogy of Tuvalu. This is being done as much of the information is presently held only in the minds of our elders. Consequently, there is a need for a more permanent record, in particular one that could be accessed and updated on a regular basis as more information becomes available.

This record has been compiled on an island by island basis with the following primary sub-groupings within each island:

Tuvaluan Genealogy has its roots in mythology and legend and gradually transcends into traditional genealogy as time goes by. Consequently an alternative approach other than the very structured and precise format normally utilized by genealogists which gives precise information on the dates of the Births, Marriages and Deaths of each individual does not apply. Perhaps this view may change as the Web site develops.

I have also made extensive use of the Diaries of Captain Davis of H.M.S. Royalist who visited each island of the Ellice Group (now Tuvalu) in 1892. The "old men" of each island agreed to become part of a British Protectorate in the same year. The record made by Captain Davis gives an invaluable insight into life in Tuvalu at that time. 

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For any additional information on the Myths and Legends of each of the islands of Tuvalu, you are invited to click on the Myths and Legends and Origins and Culture Links displayed on the Menu to the left.  For general information about Tuvalu,  please click on the ABOUT TUVALU Link just above Myths and Legends on the Menu.

There is certainly a great deal of interest from younger Tuvaluan people in their background and heritage. I do hope that any existing information can be made available and compiled into an overall outline of Tuvaluan Genealogy.


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