TUVALU 2000  (Part 2)


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Landing at the 'jetty', Vaitupu Island, Tuvalu.

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Beach house, Vaitupu.

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Beach and lagoon, Vaitupu.

Volleyball game at airstrip, Funafuti.

Volleyball game over at Funafuti airstrip.

Vaiaku Lagi Hotel, Funafuti.

Front entrance to Vaiaku Lagi Hotel, Funafuti

Vakaku Lagi Hotel viewed from the jetty, Funafuti.

Reception at Vaiaku Lagi Hotel.

Funafuti banana.

Local beauties outside the office of the
Auditor-General, Funafuti,Tuvalu.

Young dancers, Funafuti.

Catching toddy drink, Funafuti. 

The famous Funafuti lagoon.

Beach Road, Funafuti.

Motufoua memorial flowers, Vaitupu.

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